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Let It Rain

Let it rain, One beautiful sunny day I was driving down the road with tears in my eyes, so much so I could hardly see the road. The pain I felt in my hear was almost unbearable. When all of a sudden right in the middle of my heartache I heard the spirit of The Lord say so sweetly, do you see that flower in the field across the way. I said yes. He said isn't it beautiful, I replied more beautiful than any flower I had ever seen. I noticed how the sun hits it at just the right angle and how the wind blew ever so softly across the petals, almost as if it were dancing in the field seducing the eyes of any bystander. At the very moment I was enjoying God's creation he abruptly remarks, no matter how beautiful that flower is in the sunshine it will not grow until it rains. All of a sudden it seemed as if time stopped and my pain subsided into the background of this very profound revelation. I suddenly realized no matter how hard pain is to embrace it is needed to grow. Now when I encounter difficult times, situations or obstacles I realize it is God's spiritual gym to stretch me beyond my natural limits and to tap into his supernatural sustaining power. I love how the psalmist put it in PSALM 119:71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted that I may learn your ways! The true joys of life are not for the faint hearted but for those who dare to embrace the pain for a far more eternal gain.

> > So I say let it rain!

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