"I pray you live a long, long time
To see my children and impart into mine
That slow to anger and quick to mercy spirit you possess
Will teach us all how to be at rest"

“From My Heart to Yours” comes out of the heart of the LaSonya R. Whitt, each word on every page is heart felt.  Some of the writings deal with very delicate issues such as death, friendship, and relationship endings.  Every poem has a special meaning to the writer.

Nearly all the poems in this book are written with a particular person or event in mind.  Each poem deals with a situation that was relevant at the time the poem was written.  Whitt purposefully uses an emotional appeal to bring the reader into the life of its subjects.  “From My Heart to Yours” will captivate a reader from any walk of life because it deals with various issues facing the world today.

“From My Heart to Yours” skillfully intertwines life events into poetic expressions that appeal to readers of all audiences.

From My Heart to yours is the perfect inspirational read and can be the perfect gift for your loved ones.  Order your copy today!